Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sneak is her new name......

Seriously, I am going to call her that.

Example 1 - Rule #1 No dogs in kitchen - we block it with a baby gate. So what does she do...Jumps on bar stool, onto island and into kitchen area. Lesson for us - push bar stools in when not in use

Example 2 - We use another baby gate to keep them out or in the front room . She has learned how to move the baby gate to get out or in the front room

Example 3 - Billy comes home a few hours after leaving for work. He opens the door. There are Neeko and Maddie having the time of their life (RIP couch cushions). Neeko out of her Xpen and Maddie baby gate down. He thinks to himself "I swear I locked her x pen and I put up the gate. " So he repeats the dog ritual and goes to work. I come home and there is Neeko, out of her X pen, trying to push down the gate that keeps Maddie in the living room. I check the X pen - it was locked. Ok..Maybe she is getting out from underneath.

So what does any good pet parent do? Call Scooby Doo and the gang! No really, you put the dog in the area, set up a camera, and see what is going on. With a little coaching from her Dad at the door , the mystery is solved.

I considered that and thought - No she couldn't jump it. Boy, was I wrong. Once again, she isn't the others. They are way too big to jump it - and outweigh her by 20 lbs.

Needless to say, we rearranged the room. Lesson learned - don't put an X-pen next to a couch or any other piece of furniture a bouncy little puppy can get to.

Sweet Sweet Sneako...opps I mean Neeko.

Monday, December 29, 2008

She snuggeled with me

Neek usually sleeps in a crate. She HATES it...She whines when I put her in and whines when she wakes up to come out. Getting her in is a challenge each night. I know - crate games are in order ;) She loves her X-pen. But the thought of dragging it up and down the steps late at night and early morning - well I am lazy. Guess I expect her to love it as much as Maddie who will run so fast to her crate and whines for us to open the door so she can sleep..Well, I need to realize Neeko isn't Maddie; nor is she Jake or Zoe

So this morning she woke up around 4:15 am crying to go potty. I let her out. Then when we came back in, I let her free in the room. She hopped up on the bed and actually snuggle next to me. She put her head on my legs. If i moved, she moved so she could lay on me. It was awfully sweet.She has not done that since she has been in our home.

I give her a hard time - she isn't the drivey little puppy I had hoped for. It's like I just can't tap into that place in her. I will admit; it is frustrating. She isn't the dog I was hoping for. She doesn't have that competitive drive for the games as Jake does. Jake spoiled me in flyball. And Maddie has spoiled me in training. Maddie is so eager to learn and so willing to work for me (but that is one of the wonderful traits of an APBT)

Neek can be fast - when she is chasing Jake. Someone said to me "maybe flyball isn't in her stars". I will admit - that is why i took her - to have another flyball dog. And if she doesn't do flyball - well then what? Three dogs that can't/won't play the game I have come to love....Boy am I projecting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to remember where she came from - what her life was like before. Plus, she isn't even a year yet. And i need to remember - she has only been with us 2 months. Just 2 months! She will continue to show her true self - her true colors. I am sure she is still feeling her way around But hopefully, this morning, I saw a little glimmer of a pup that trusts and wants to be close - that knows she will have ONE place to lay her little head at night. And you know what - maybe she isn't the pup I really want, but the one the Universe thinks I really need.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Vegging at home

Haven't posted much this week.
I have been vegging on the couch ,during my non working hours, watching a tv series called The Wire.
I have really enjoyed it.

I have needed to be at home and have some down time. The month of December has been non stop and it's taking a toll. So much going on at my day job and working three shifts at my second job . Plus with my Aunts death - well - the grief and denial is laying dormant and escaping in ways that are unhealthy for me and those I am around - I have been eating non stop - mostly starch and carbs and I have been a total b*tch.....

I have missed my down time with the dogs. Just laying around snuggling on the couch.
It's funny. By 7:30 all the dogs are ready for bed. Seems a little early to me but I am grateful. Between Maddie and Neeko's zoomies - well it can get a bit rambunctious here...Mama's boy, Jake, has been extra clingy to me while I have been home. I think he gets lost in the house with the wild girls.

The snow is frozen into ice and it made Neeko and Jake's feet bleed. So, no running around in the snow for them until it either melts or we get fresh stuff.

I actually have a Saturday off. I worked Monday and Tuesday nights at our companies direction. I have to get my oil changed today and go to Wally World. I would love to find the energy to vacuum and wash the rugs too. But I don't see that happening... Maybe a triple Mocha is in order.........

Enjoy your day - R3K9S - maybe a little gift for yourself is in order

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

WW - Santa's gift to Pit bulls: The SI Cover!

The Vick dogs made the Christmas cover of Sports Illustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It should be on the newsstands soon

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

King Louie

Meet my Sister's dog - King Louie...
I believe he is almost 2 - could be wrong....
Isn't he cute??!!
What a cute Christmas sweater!

His Mom's favorite place for him to be - on his bed
Louie's favorite place to be - looking out the window checking out the view
And just because this was in her photo account..
Here is our family when we were in Chicago. We were looking at old photo books my Aunt had.

Isn't my Dad a stud? LOL He is in his early 70's and looks SO GOOD much younger than he really is. He credits his 100 % Polish heritage for his young looks. We hope we look that good as we age.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow fun with K9 Friends

What is it with these black dogs? They are everywhere and always picking on me!!

SNOW SNOW SNOW - and it tastes GOOD!
Where are they going? What is over there?

Hey Dude...You are SO handsome!

Yea another dog! Gotta chase her down!

All right - come and get me!!

As you can see, it was a good day - a playful happy day for the dogs....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I LOVE my green ball!

Please can I play again??!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Runnin' in a Winter Wonder Land

Jake says " I beat you all to the frisbee -nanny nanny hoohoo"
Neeko says "Yea i might not be able to catch the Frisbee - old fart - but I can sure beat you back to mom! Eat my snow Mr Grouch!"

Frisbee tug - lab style

Mine All MINE!!!!!!!!!!!Now try and catch me you big black labs!
Poor Zoe. Getting harder for her to run in the cold. "Mom do those special throws just for me - pretty please??"

And no post is complete without a photo or two of the beauty of the pack; Miss Maddie.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Snow

More snow today...

I left my house at 6:30, just as it was starting to come down. Got to work about 7:30. The commute wasn't as bad as the other day.

But - It is now 10:50 and still snowing.

I wanna be at home playing in the stuff with the pups..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

WW - My #1 Guy and I

P.S - Jake - you, my pup, are my #1 boy....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Life of Ruby Roo

My good friend Maryellen, from Pit Bull Forum, created a blog for her newest addition - Ruby Roo.
It is called The Life of Ruby Roo

I am so excited. I am a big fan of all of Maryellen's dogs! Ruby has had a rough start to life and is currently suffering from some type of allergy. Ruby is in the best hands possible and I know ME will find a solution soon.

Here is to you Ruby Roo! Lot's of hugs and kisses from AKA and the crew.

Snowing again

It is snowing so hard down here at work.

It took me over an hour to get to work. Once I hit the point of the mountain, it was pretty bad - snowing and the roads in Happy Valley were AWFUL! Thank God, I have a reliable 4 wheel drive vehicle. I told my E how much I love it once I arrived safely to work.

I should have stayed home today - believe me I totally thought about it.

Why stay home? Because my favorite thing to do when it is snowing is go play with the dogs! Jake and Zoe are SNOW MANIACS! Really, the love it so much. While there is snow they will stay out playing forever - I have to drag them in. And the falling snow does not bother them at all. In fact - it seems they are happier playing as the snow is falling. I take the tug to the park - and they go nuts with it. They become tug freaks!

Not sure how Neeko will react to actual snow fall itself - She loves the snow on the ground - but again, how she feels about a heavy wet snow coming down on her - is soon to be revealed.

Maddie - the prissy princess- loves the snow but NOT while it is falling. She will run so fast into the house while it is coming down. I am sure it is just too cold on her thin coat. Even with her coat on during the falling snow, she runs back in.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Finally - We have some snow!

Most of the Salt Lake Valley got dumped on...Here, in our area, maybe 2-3 inches at the most.
Just enough for the dogs to romp around in..
Here are some random shots from this weekend..

What is this stuff?
Maddie and Zoe at the Tennis Courts...

Notice the dog in the background on other side of fence in below photo. There are homes with dogs on both sides of the court. Maddie has made friends with one - a small black dog. They chase up and down the fence line and Maddie play bows to her she even cries to go play with the dog. The one in the background of this photo was a new dog to Maddie . She was the normal Maddie - and thank goodness the dog went back to his home.
Snow Tug!
Neeko's face in this shot had me LOL

We met up with our flyball team for some fun in the snow.
Jake dressed up as Santa Clause
Neeko dressed up as Mrs. Clause
Jake, Neeko and I. Yes, sometimes I feel as if I am one of their "elves" - lol
thanks Dave for taking the photo and thanks G. helping to get the dogs focused...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Zippity Zoe

I took Zoe to flyball practice last Sunday. She doesn't come often; but sometimes, due to circumstances, I need to bring her. She always has fun. When we first started with the Utah Tail Blazers - I trained both Jake and Zoe. But due to a torn CCL -I pulled Zoe. Then the other CCL went. And I never brought her back into the team. I worry about a re-tear in one of the legs; especially on the box. So, when she comes to practice we run recalls over the jumps - it's good exercise for her and she seems to enjoy it.

She sure loves recalls. For a portly lab - she can get some speed and she was single hopping. Yes, she is a little overweight, but she is holding onto her weight loss. At her annual in November of this year, she was still holding steady at 55. The low fat Innova seems to be working for her.

And of course, she barks during the line up too. I wonder if it is all labs or just my pack of "mama" girl/boy. As soon as I run away from them - Jake and Zoe both bark and lunge towards me. Gotta always make sure strong people are holding onto those two..

She just loves to tug. Funny the two dogs that don't play flyball are my tug maniacs.....Very funny joke flyball gods.....

She was wiped out after practice.
Tired dogs are good dogs.....