Monday, March 30, 2009

How much is that Pit Bull in the window?

As much as new blinds for that room! Little chocolate!

We have been keeping her out of the front room window. She will sit on the couch just waiting for movements from the neighborhood cats - not to mention the birds and loose dogs in the neighborhood. She goes nuts when she does see them and it's best if she doesn't get into that zone.

So, since she can't look out the front room window, she now runs into the spare bedroom and sticks her big old block head out of the blinds when she hears something, or I leave without her (as this is how I snapped this photo). If there is a will, there is a way for smart little Miss Maddie.

The solution is for me to lift up the blinds or to close the door. But, well, I did not do that prior to this photo.

So, if anyone wants to replace these blinds I will gladly offer you a lovable block head pit bull! Ok really I won't...She is worth much more to us than blinds. Sounds cheesy, but she is priceless!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

In Jake's desperation....

In Jake's desperation , he initiated play with the girls today. He isn't known to play with Maddie or Sneek. He usually wants nothing to do with them.

Since Sneek has been so good lately, I decided to reward her by letting her play in the snow with Jake.

Jake thinks he is so smart playing ring around the shed. Since Sneek and Maddie are on long lines, he knows they can't catch him if he stays in certain areas..

Maddie and Sneek say "PUNK!!!"

Friday, March 27, 2009

Experiment update

So, I said I would update my blog on the experiment.

Now, by dog #1 - which is usually Jake, she is barking and clawing at her crate. We have only been able to do the experiment once outside - due to the mud pit (my girls will not touch the yard when it is like this - prissy's!). When we did do it outside, Sneek was all about the tug.

Sneek is starting to become more playful. She has started to initiate play with me - rare for Sneek. We do a lot of chase games - her chasing me around the couch int he living room. We have also started to play hide and seek in the room. When we do those things, I sometimes get on my hands and knees - I know- you wish you could see photos of this for a good belly laugh.

Last night, Maddie and I were playing tug in front of Sneek with a regular tug. Sneek started to go nuts. So, I am wondering if it is not so much the tug - but the "I am jealous" or "I want to play with mom". She is also starting to bark and whine when I leave with one of the dogs or leave for work - heck even when I go out the door to do something outside! This is a new behavior for her. Some may say "you need to nip that in the butt" or "well, she does have SA". But for me, this is a good thing and is starting to show that our bond is strengthening - just want I want. She wants to be with ME because Mom = FUN; Mom = All GOOD things! She also let me cut her nails last night - w00t!

I have been working on Sneek naming objects; mainly the ball and the training tug. While feeding her, I tell her find her ball or tug. Once she touches the object - click; kibble. Yes, we work one at a time since this is new to her. She is getting it - but once I put them out at the same time, I am sure we will have some work to do. Teaching her to name the object is the beginning step of teaching her a retrieve. I have never had to "teach" a dog retrieve before - so this is very foreign to me.

All in all - she is coming along. She is make strides in other areas - but I don't want to put Astrid to sleep so I won't type it all out :) I am sure Sneek will back slide - sure she might be different in other environments - but heck she is much better than she was two months agao

And just so you aren't completely bored reading the above, here is a short video from January 09

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Long Long time ago

A guy that I went to grade school with, posted this on FB this morning.
Oh my...
What memories ...

Monday, March 23, 2009

To my #1 Boy......

Happy 6th Birthday Jake!
And to think, I picked your sister over you! Thank goodness Dad knew the right words to say to convince me you were the dog for us.

His first summer.........
Winter 2009

Could you be any cuter??!! I wish I had 4 more just like you!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Italy Lifting BSL

Italy joins Netherlands in lifting "Pit Bull" Blacklist

Dallas Pet Laws Examiner

March 17, 9:29 PM

Italy will join the Netherlands in lifting a nationwide breed-specific law.

Italian law currently defines 17 dog breeds as dangerous, which is down from 92 as recently as 2003.

The Health Undersecretary Francesca Martini is quoted as saying, "This is a historic day because we have established for the first time the responsibility of the owner or the person who is momentarily in charge of the animal." Martini is also quoted as saying, "The measures adopted in the previous laws had no scientific foundation. Dangerous breeds do not exist. With this law we have overcome the black list, which was just a fig leaf (over the larger problem), and we have increased the level of guarantees for citizens"

In June, 2008, the Dutch government announced that it would be lifting a 25 year-long ban on "pit bulls" because it did not lead to a decrease in bite incidents, and would instead focus on leash law and education programs.


"The measures adopted in the previous laws had no
scientific foundation. Dangerous breeds do not exist."

Right on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sure wish the cities in the USA would listen and see that BSL does not work.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Click here

Monday, March 16, 2009

When all else fails....

Desperate times require desperate measures. I have resorted to manipulation and straight up low down bribery . I am a girl on a mission.

I decided to do an experiment. I don't know - is the experiment right/wrong, or good/bad? Only time will tell.

What do I need to complete this mission;
A dog that is reluctant to tug - a RTD dog(no it doesn't stand for that - hehe at least not on purpose - it is for reluctant tug dog)
A crate - wire one works best so the RTD can see everything
A tug toy that the RTD kind of shows interest in
A few dogs that do love to tug (#1, #2, #3, etc)
An enclosed room

Put RTD in crate.
Grab dog #1 and the toy you will use.
Right in front of RTD, play tug with dog 1. Really get the dog #1 going - if he growls great. Then throw toy, while holding dog 1, and play ready set go (RSG). Make sure to throw toy right in front of crate. Send dog 1 to get toy. Then have dog #1 chase you (because RTD dog loves that too) and play tug again. Play a game of retrieve with the tug with dog #1. Again, right in front of the crate. Repeat RSG until RTD tail is wagging and looking at tug and dog #1.

Repeat above with dog #2 and #3. By middle of session with dog #2, RTD is really really interested in this game - jumping in crate; looking at you, & watching the tug. Then bring the Big Guns out - dog #3. Now, by time you are into the first throw with dog #3, RTD is clawing at crate and barking her head off. But don't give in just yet. Continue to play with dog #3. Really get the RTD wanting to play with you and the tug. The more RTD barks and claws in the crate - the better

Now it's time to bring RTD out to play. RTD is now ready to play tug. RTD is now playing RSG - burning carpet to get to the tug. RTD is growling when she tugs. Keep session short and put the toy away while RTD is still hungry for it. Ahhhhh....both you and RTD are happy.

So that has been my experiment these past two days. I will continue it for a week - eventually bringing the game outside. Guess I will see if RTD interest in the tug is different than prior to experiment.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday fun for me!

Yesterday, I hung out with Mom at work - mostly in my crate. But I got to walk around these big playgrounds with tons of people (who continually mentioned how cute I was) and lots of other doggies. I get mad at people when they pet and play with me then walk away. I bark at them letting them know I am unhappy they are leaving me.

I heard a few words over and over again; Pit Bull mix and Basenji, but I talk a lot so mom dismissed it - well I bark but make tons of other sounds. Then again, as she read about the breed - she became more and more convinced I am possible a mix. I have their coloring and markings - including the wrinkled forehead and a tail that curls. I also enjoy standing on my hind legs and seem to run like a pony. And well I kind of have a Basenji temperament;.

Mom said she could spend countless hours trying to figure out what kind of mix I am. But she said her time is too valuable to play the guessing game. So when people ask what I am she is just going to say a mix. That's ok with me!

Kind of looks like me - a little don't you think? I don't have the exact tail or the ears. And i am much taller.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Only in Utah......

This has to be a joke!

Lawmaker proposes possible caffeine tax

March 12, 2009

SALT LAKE CITY -- A Utah state lawmaker is proposing a tax on caffeine.

Rep. Craig Frank, R-American Fork, tells the Salt Lake Tribune the state already taxes addicted smokers, so why not target a broader-based addiction? He says it's a response to proposals to hike the tax on cigarettes. Those measures failed this Legislative session.

This is part of a master study resolution that lawmakers unanimously approved, so it will get a closer look over the next year.

Frank told the Tribune he has seen research that caffeine can cause spontaneous abortion, psychological abnormalities and other disorders.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WW - Jake's Smooth Moves

Ok maybe that one wasn't too smooth.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

More tugs comming!

More tugs are coming to R3K9 household.

My friends, Leslie and Tracy from Mad Dogs out of CA, are also having tug issues with their newest flyball addition; Levi.

Leslie has gone into tug making mode. Currently, she is making leather treat tugs. They asked if I would like to try one for Sneek/Jake. They are sending me a one to test drive to see if it is strong enough for Jake.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Drive Building Toys

So I began searching today for some drive building toys.
I remember a site recommended on PBF. It's called The Dog Athlete
So why not spend some more money on trying to get Sneek to tug? LOL
So I ordered the first and last product in the below photo.

They also have some good articles on the site concerning prey drive and picking the right toy to develop prey drive. The prey drive article basically says what I have been reading and doing with Sneek. She does have prey drive - just for butterfly's and blowing leafs ;) Anyway,I thought I would continue to try , but with a different toy.

Who knows - maybe tugging just isn't her thing. But I want to explore all options before I surrender. After reading this today - maybe it isn't the toys per say. Maybe it is me - ok it is probably me - not exciting enough. It's just hard for me to understand. J,Z, and M - want to be with me 24/7. I am enough for them. But I have faith. Sneek will get there - I know it.

She is doing well in her flyball training. Some days she just amazes me to no end. She runs into the training room and does a box turn off the side of the bed or on the bed... LOL And she is just so proud of herself.

I need to watch Sneek more and see what does motivate her; what puts her into "drive mode" besides kitties, butterflys, her dinner and leaves. I know she gets all wound up around Billy. Can I put him on a piece of fleece and use him as a tug? - LOL

Friday, March 6, 2009


So we are trying to figure out a solution to Sneek's newest antics.

I ordered another top for Sneek's x-pen. We thought we would put it on the bottom and clamp it like we do the top.

In the mean time, I went and purchased additional baby gates for the house. We are putting one on top of the other in the front room entrance way. This way she can't jump the baby gate.

Yesterday, we tried surrounding the xpen with chairs and tables thinking the she would not be able to move the pen due to the weight surrounding it. That did not work. Dont' know why we thought it would.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

And you wonder why we call her Sneek

So I came home from work and opened the door. No Sneek in the xpen and no Sneek in the front room. The xpen door was closed and locked, but the xpen was in a strange shape. I move the baby gate and start walking up the steps. I call her. She comes out of the cat room - by jumping the baby gate in that door way. Looks at me with a big grin "Hi Mom", with kitty litter on her breath. She then precedes to squat and pee right in front of me.

Needless to say, I was not very happy. Her and I spent the evening apart. She is SO lucky that her Dad loves her so much.....

PITA - maybe that should be her name.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

Yummm Dinner

What is that Mom Lady?

Put that camera down and feed us!