Friday, June 26, 2009

Zoe and her Maternal Instinct

A post on FB, had me thinking about Zoe this morning... Her maternal instinct comes into play with Sneek. It's a beautiful thing to watch.

Walking in the gully, Sneek's terrier(? maybe terrier) side is in full force. She snifs every little nook and cranny looking for varmints. Sometimes, she gets up on the hill side, alone. Zoe consistently looks for Sneek if she isn't with the pack. If Sneek falls behind, Zoe goes to her and shows her the way to Jake and I.

We were on the bridge last night and Sneek wasn't - she was down by the water, on the wrong trail. Sneek still won't cross thru the water. The look on Sneek's face was almost panic - she couldn't' figure out how to get to us - without getting in the water. We were all the way thru the bridge and Zoe ran all the way back, to get Sneek. She got Sneek to follow her onto the right path...I was simply amazed at how Zoe knew what to do...

Good girl Zoe..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend of w00ts!

What a fun filled, goal meeting weekend we had! We went to St George to attend a flyball tournament. I took Jake, Sneek and Zoe with me.

Jake started off really really rough; not sure what it was about. After his lack of stellar performance during the first heat, I took him to see Anita -who is on site. He was a warm on his left front leg. So, she worked on him and I iced him a little afterward. Needless to say, whatever it was - it went away. He seemed to run better after that. So, Sunday I had her massage him prior to racing again. She said the front left leg wasn't warm at all. Whatever the issue was on Saturday, it had gone away. Maybe he stepped on something or bumped it or twisted it - heck I don't know....

So many amazing things happened this weekend for our flyball team. ...Our dogs ROCKED. Lots of personal bests for our dogs....Seriously, we did so well and met the two goals we had going down - ok 4; tailwind to take first place in their division both days (met), HR not break out (met), not run faster than 18 seconds (met) and to qualify for the U-FLI Championship (met).

I was blessed to run not one, but two dogs this weekend. I got to run Hannah B - which is so much fun!! She is an amazing flyball dog - and so darn fast!!! She is just a spitball of fire and such a sweet girl who has come so far...
Jake also earned his Top Flight Premier title. For those unfamiliar with titles - every race a dog completes, they earn points. At certain point levels, you earn titles. So Jake had enough points for the TFP title..Our next title goal is Top Flight Expert - which is a milestone plaque. He needs a total of 20,000 points for that big title. So only 10,500 more points to go...Average 500 points a race day - so that is only 11 more tournaments, give or take a day.. So, that would be in about 3 years :) That is if, God willing, he will still be racing then....

We also had tons and tons of fun, starting with a good dinner on Friday evening. We were all pretty darn goofy Sunday - lack of sleep or just too much sugar - I am not really sure.. Just really good times - with lots of laughs, some silly string and way too much junk food! There are some crazy photos of us out there - including some of me - but I will save those for a later WW post...I just love my flyball team mates!!!

Everything was done and over with around 7:30 Sunday. I I had decided earlier that I was going to stay in Saint George Sunday evening. I had Monday off, and well - why not stay in St George and relax... Plus, our teammates mentioned a reservoir right down the road. I thought it would be kind of cool to take the dogs swimming. So we met Zoey, River, and Bailey to swim. Some people and pups from Phoenix Fuzion came over too.

Here are Jake and Zoe - I know it is difficult to see the dogs in the photo, but the scenery is just beautiful. As tired as Jake was - he was still swimming non stop!

Zoe loved it!Sneek got pretty far out chasing the ball - but still she did not swim. She was so funny - she kept running up to all the humans to throw a ball for her.
It was hard for me to turn north on the hwy instead of south. I really wanted to stay in Saint George or travel a little more to another place for the dogs to swim and play. One day - I will take the week off after a tournament. I can stay in St George to play, drive to Lake Mead, and then onto California - to the beach... One can dream right?

ps thanks Heidi for taking that awesome shot of Jake and I...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

WW - Hump Day

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Catching Up

I haven't been updating the blog recently. It has been crazy, busy at work and well, I am kind of addicted to Face Book! LOL I can update my page straight from the crackberry. But I realized, it would be good to take time and update my blog. This blog is for me - yep I am selfish. I want to be able to look back and see the things the dogs and I have done so far. Sure, I can do that on FB but it is a little harder. To me the blog is more a diary of the fun, the accomplishments, and the struggles the dogs and I walk thru life....

So, here are some updates...

Maddie - Her rash came back a little over a week ago, but this time under her front leg shoulders. We got some more cream from our vet and i loaded her up on benadryl. Happy to say it has now gone away. But I wonder as to what is causing this? It has to be some weed in the yard. Right now she has the zoomies, and is doing her Pitty cry to go outside.....

Zoe - Zoe has returned to flyball. It is good for her to have a job - good exercise for her. She isn't fast - and that is ok. When she learns the game, she can just run singles or doubles. I am concerned with her back legs - but if we take it easy she should be ok. Zoe also attended Splash Dogs this past weekend. She actually jumped off the dock; not far but she jumped two out of the three rounds I took her up to the big pool. I was excited for her. Not sure why she wouldn't jump the last round. A friend suggested she might be tired - that is no excuse - LOL

Jake - Participated in the annual SYM where we did a flyball demo and Course A Lure. At SYM, Jake was the third fastest dog out of almost 350 sets of paws running the course. I was excited for him. He was beat by Sneek and our fellow flyball team mate, Zoey. He did well at the flyball demo. You can see a video of my dogs and fellow teammates running CAL, and the flyball demo here. Our fellow flyball team mate made an amazing video of the day. I love not only how he captured a little bit of everything - but the team work that went into the day. He and his wife are amazing asset to UTB. Jake also attended Splash Dogs and CAL this weekend. On Friday, he ran a 14.02 at CAL (again beat by his sister, Sneek, who ran 13.96). He swam tons in the practice pool and off the ramp in big pool,but for some reason - he just won't jump off the dock. I was disappointed but well, have to accept Jake for who he is...

Sneek - She is attending a beginning agility class on Tuesday's. This past week she completed the pinwheel jumps on her first try.. She also completed her first sequence - 3 jumps and the tunnel. (side note - first CAL runs - she wouldn't go in the tunnel - agility has helped her now complete the tunnel at CAL). She really loves to run and take the obstacles at agility.
She too participated at CAL at SYM - 2nd fastest dog - woot! She also participated in CAL this past weekend, beating her brother with a 13.96 run. She lived up to her name, by figuring out how to open the side door on the crate. SNEEK! I tried to get her to swim in the practice pool - no go. She was so fixated on CAL - the minute she heard the sound of the pully her focus was on the course. So, no Splash Dogs for Sneek.
So, that is a short update on the pack and our doings....In between the big events, we Rollerblade, flyball, work on our box turns, housework, make meetings, eat, sleep, potty, work, lol. We have some full days in our house. Heck, I even forgot to grocery shop last week. Nothing like Atkin shakes, apples and cheese for lunch!

I swear I need three of me just to keep up with our busy schedule! But, life is meant to be lived to the fullest - and I believe I am trying to do that. I want to be able to look back when I am 90 and know that I gave my dogs, and me, the chance to engage in life....After all - isn't life what you make it????

Wednesday, June 3, 2009