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More Kitten Videos

Today they are 6 weeks old.
So, I shot a few videos. Unfortunately, it is so dark. I want to take some outside, on the grass, if it EVER stops raining.

Espresso has a home - a good home! Megan and Gabby will be taking him/her. They have already purchased things for Latte(new name). Excited for all of them.

Pike has a lot more white on him the older he/she becomes. Pike even has a few white eyelashes and white wisps on the ears. Pike always wants to snuggle with me and so does Kona - aka Conan the Barbarian - the crazy cat. Even Megan and Gabby couldn't believe how bouncy/playful/mischievous Kona was being. That is the one Billy wants to keep. Imagine that!

Decaf has always been melow. But it seems the older she gets the more playful he/she has become.

Via is just a beauty. Very sweet and likes to get in the mix with the black pack once in a while. Via and Decaf are the first to eat and snuggle with mom.

My vet office told me to bring them in and the techs will "sex" them for me. Now just to find the time to do that ;-)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Java's Crew New Home

The Java crew is almost 6 weeks old.

This week I had to move them into their new home. Pike and Kona thought jumping out of the pool was fun. The tower was a wee too small so I hooked up an old/broken Dog crate.

They are eating the kitten food I have in there and even using a litter box. At first they thought the litter box was a jungle jim - silly kitties. When I come out - they all meow and try to run up to the door. Billy took Pike in to meet Maddie. They were face to face and my little Maddie just sniffed . Maybe Maddie knew it was a baby - maybe she didn't. But she didn't go into prey mode or chase. Maybe it was Billy's presence that kept her acting a fool.

Java really isn't happy being in her new house. I am sure she isn't. She did often jump out of the pool - to go relax away from the babies. She is feral after all - so putting her in a cage - she almost seems depressed. I put her shelf and hammock up high, thinking she might be smart enough to know she can go up there. Hopefully, she will snap out of it soon.

Another Mother's Day Come and Gone

Well, another Mother's day has come and gone.

I pretty much ignored it - I am good at ignoring my feelings. Denial is a river in Egypt, I say. I turned the radio to a different station when a commercial came on. I did the same thing on the sappy TV commercials. Heck, if I even sniffed the word "mother" on a FB post, my eyes darted to the next. I avoided all card isles and gifts for the day.

And then came Sunday. I had to run to Barbara's and drop off some stuff she needed me to pick up at Sam's. On Mother's day, the dogs always get their Grammy something. So, I needed to stop and get her a card and a gift. I pulled into Walgreen's -didn't think much of it - I thought most of the Mother cards would be gone - plus I am good at diversions. In and Out I thought. I walked down the card isle looking for "grandmother" tabs. Then I saw a card - a card my eyes were drawn too. On auto pilot I picked it up. It read; " The connection you have with a daughter - it's not always simple or perfect ever day or without a wish for a do-over or two. But it's alwways love, always a check mark in the blessings column, and always, always one of the best joys in life". Hence, I lost it - in the middle of Walgreens..I never learn do I?

I bought the card. Not sure why. I thought maybe I would write a letter to Mom and put it in my "God Can". But the more I thought about it - a little seed inside of me thought maybe it was a little message from her. I really don't believe in those things - but something - some hope or light inside- put that thought into my head. Maybe I was just looking for a message subconsciously. Maybe I am forcing the message. I don't know. But I am going to hold onto the seed and believe for a little while..

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