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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ok Universe - Had Enough!

I hate drama. I feel like I am swirling around in it these past few weeks.. I seem to think I have created it...I hate talking about it and sharing about things we walk thru (difficult stuff). I don't really share most of it with the www but some I do - like about the animals. It's probably not drama - more just - life stuff - that is coming in full force...What I do with it depends on if it becomes drama or not....

First - the whole issue with Zoe and her ear. The results of the culture are in and she has three separate bacterial infections in the ear. During the culture, they find out what antibiotic will work at killing the bacteria They found one - to the tune of $134...Oh VEY! So, more meds, more ear cleanings and they want to see her in three weeks.

Second Gizzie - She couldn't' walk straight yesterday and doesn't seem like herself. I had to take her to the vet yesterday. Three separate meds for her - and trying to get her to take the tablet is like trying to well - imagine something extremely difficult...I am not really convinced it is an ear infection - but we will give it a whirl and see if she is better in a week.

Third - I woke up with a horrible cough Monday and burning chest. I couldn't hardley even talk and the burn in my chest, after the cough, made me double over. I haven't felt well these past few weeks - but I ignored it - just thinking it was stress. So, yesterday I went to the doctor. Pneumonia, he said. I go go go go - and I think when I do that my body (or God) says - SLOW DOWN ANN. But as I sit here - trying to rest - I think of all the things I need to do - dishes, vacuum, wash the rugs, mow the lawn, dust, clean cat boxes, oil change, register car, get Zoe her meds, get Zoe's stitches removed, - the list goes on. What suxs is that I can't do ANY OF IT! I know if I attempt to try to do something - I will just push my recovery out and now get better...

I need to get back to basics - do what is in front of me and not worry so much about things I can't control or past situations that are done and over with. No amount of "b*tching" will change the fact the animals and I got ill. The solution is to give them their meds (take mine too) and to take care of them, and myself, the best I can...

So, Universe, I know you never give more than a person can handle - but could you not trust me so much? I think my plate is full.....

BTW - would it be wrong of my to stuff some benadryl down a few dogs to get them to relax so I can get some rest ?? ;-)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WW - From Neko to Sneek

October 2008 - 10 months old

June 2009 - 18 months old

Monday, July 6, 2009

Zoe and her Babushka.....

Poor Zoe...
You never want any of your dogs in pain - but Zoe is my "special" gal. She doesn't cause trouble - mostly lays around and wants to be loved. She is the neutral dog in our pack - gets along with other dogs. She loves all people. Her only downfall - she will lick you to death......

She has a severe staph/yeast infection in her ear - even her middle ear. Vet said it was one of the worst he has seen. Not sure if that is true - but anyway.

Lots of cleaning solution and lots of cream (antibiotic cream). Once we find out from the lab what type of staph we are dealing with, we can then talk more about a plan of attack.

He is worried about her shaking her head too much, so he put this wrap on her. If she shakes it too much, and damages her cartilage, she could end up with a hematoma.

She does look cute with her babushka on, doesn't she?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009