Thursday, November 27, 2008

And they call it puppy love.....

Kitty love too!

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving day to everyone!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Girls Gone Wild Match Up

Your referee for the event
the contestants and their signature moves....

And the winner is....
Three way tie!

Rematch coming soon to a living room near you

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sick Vick

Read this article today....

Vick can burn in hell for all I care....

USDA Report Reveals Michael Vick Put 'Family Dogs' Into Pit Bull Rings

Posted Nov 21st 2008 9:40PM by Sportz Assassin (author feed)

With former Atlanta Falcon Michael Vick facing charges from Virginia over his dogfighting operation, more details are coming out about what went on at his home.

According to a report filed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Vick would put "family pet" dogs into fighting rings with pit bulls just to watch them get mauled, destroyed or killed.
The report, dated Aug. 28, 2008, says "Vick, (Purnell) Peace and (Quanis) Phillips thought it was funny to watch the pit bull dogs belonging to Bad Newz Kennels injure or kill the other dogs." The report has names and phrases redacted in order to protect the anonymity of certain individuals who cooperated with investigators.
The 17-page report also stated that Vick was directly involved in hanging and drowning dogs that they deemed not fight to fight. The report says that somebody was paid $100 to dig two graves for the dog carcasses and Vick, Peace and Phillips buried them.

Vick, who is serving 23 month sentence in a federal prison in Kansas, has already reached a plea deal with Virginia that will result in a three-year suspended prison sentence and a $2,500 fine.

As a dog lover, everything about this Vick thing has me disturbed. It disgusts me that anyone could do any of this to pit bulls, let alone normal family dogs. It physically makes me sick.

It also disgusts me that when Vick finally gets out and finishes off whatever suspension the NFL gives him, someone will give him a job as an NFL quarterback.

And what really gets my goat - " plea deal with Virginia - three year suspended prison sentence and $2500 fine" - WTH!

Thanks a lot Virginia........:(

Friday, November 21, 2008

7 1/2 hours.....

Till Vacation!
I am off of work all next week (well - I have to come in Wednesday afternoon for EOM).

I will spend most of my time cleaning the house and running errands. Not a vacation per say - but spending time at home with the dogs is always a vacation in my mind.

Then Wednesday evening, the family arrives.. I have lived her 10 years and this is the first visit for my Dad and my brother (he drove me here but left the next day). So, it is a HUGE deal to have my Dad visit.... Hadley was here last year with my sister.

..I am nervous and excited at the same time. Mostly nervous about cooking...

My father says "doesn't matter what we eat or what we do. I just want to spend time with you, Ann..." And..."Is there a motel near by - in case the dogs need a place to stay while I am there?" LOL

I just LOVE my dad!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Walk in the day and play in the night

We gonna walk mom?
Stop taking photos!!! I wanna walk NOW!
Maybe if I go by Dad you will stop!
Frisbee in the dark

Never a quite moment with Jake...
See, I wait nice mom
Stop sniffing my bum!I won't let you sniff my butt - so, you stick your tail in my face??!!
This is fun - chasing the dogs and frisbee!
I got it - HAHA! Catch me if you can Mr Mouth.....eenie, meenie, minie moe catch a frisbee and don't let go!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monkey Chased the Weasel Around....

That was the song that went thru my head as I watched this.
Sorry about the color - had not adjusted the settings on the camera yet

Hey sister! Play with me!!!!!!!!

For those of you that know Miss Maddie - this is an absolute joy for me - a miracle in a way. It just about brings me to tears.

Neeko came to us at the end of October. I think us taking the introduction SLOW is the reason they are able to be together to play today. Maddie's body language has finally relaxed enough to where we are ALL comfortable - and yes we are still cautious and they still get separated, but I want to continue the short play sessions as long as Maddie's body language is this positive.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Camera is fixed!!!!!!!

Just got the call. My camera is fixed and ready to be picked up!

Be prepared - blog readers... An onslaught of photos and videos will be coming soon!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas Card draft 2

I had Maddie's photo changed....

Friday, November 14, 2008

Our Christmas Card - 1st draft

So I had a Christmas Card made.

But, I think I am going to have a different photo of Maddie put in. I love the coat photo - but she looks so darn serious!

Working with the dogs

Well, it was raining when I got home last night, so the dogs couldn't go outside or wouldn't go outside (at least my girls won't). So we did some work in the house.

Maddie and I did figure 8's which she actually started to offer!

I did jump work with Jake and Zoe. Poor Zoe is so heavy she has a hard time getting her butt over the jump but she eventually got it.

And little Neeko - so many things...She is really coming out of her shell - NUTTY PUPPY! Real bouncy with zoomies etc. I should rename her Sprite (that is a whole different post) So, I worked more with her than the others all thru out the night. We did some of the things we are learning in adult manners class - We are having a really hard time with stay. We also worked with her new clik stik; which now has a foam ball on the end. I just LOVE this device...And Neeko is a PRO!
I actually even put the stik on the wall and she jumped to the wall with her feet on it. I can tell she is going to have an awesome turn because she banks off my stomach all the time - LOL
We also worked on recalls - which well, isn't working too well. I also played ball with her - up and down the steps trying to teach her to retrieve. She doesn't bring the ball back to me. So, I put her on a line would throw the ball down the steps, have her get it, and reel her back into me - and click/treat her. But half the time she would drop it - or just touch the ball and coming running back to me. Wonder if she could learn by watching Jake retrieving.
I also tried getting her to jump into my lap while I was sitting down...Wasn't happening...

And I won't even mention the potty issue. Got a vet appointment for her next week as I am thinking she might have a UTI.

See, SO MUCH - maybe too much for the little girl....So, I wonder what is most important right now? Is it our bond? Is it our recall? I should probably leave the retrieve and the touch stick. I want to work on the commands we are learning in class and i have to get our recall down.

But I also want her to learn to tug - OY VEY!
I did get her a new toy - because she loves the ones outside so I thought I would try smaller ones for inside.
I got her a 6" jolly ball as she is always playing with the one outside
And i got her one of these. She carries the air kong around the yard - so I thought maybe I could get her to tug if one was on a rope.
So, I have started running around the front room like a mad woman swinging these over my head and then putting them away.....

Zoe did play chase with her last night. If you read my blog you have seen Maddie and Zoe play in our living room. That is what Neeko and Zoe did last night - but Neeko is much springer and faster than Maddie. It was really cute. I can't stand not being able to capture these moments in film! Oh well, it will be ready soon....

I guess I just need to remember a strong foundation is the key to anything - any relationship or any sport

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Solid!

Like any good dog lover, I have no shame in discussing my dogs poop....

Neeko has been having loose stool since she arrived. It really has not had any form. It's not runny or squirt either....Just loose.

As a back story, Neeko has never eaten dog food. When she went into rescue she would only eat off the fork and would not touch a dog food bowl.
She was on metronidazol and that did not help.

I tried yogurt and that did not help.

I ordered some Prozyme and started her on that Saturday.
I added some pumpkin on Monday...
I began pulling my hair out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My good friend, Maryelln, from PBF gave me a suggestion. Add some Slippery Elm to her food
and maybe try a less richer puppy food.

When I went to the store to get a different food, they suggested I change protein (she's been eating chicken). So we went with California Natural Lamb and Rice puppy food.

So Tuesday evening, she started on the Lamb and Rice formula and Slippery Elm.

And this morning at 5:30 am - I DANCED in my yard in my pjs!


She had nice firm solid poop!