Friday, August 29, 2008

Gage's Victory!

If you have followed my posts on Gage, found here and here, I am happy to announce the defendant was found guilty in court yesterday! He was found guilty of "Aggravated Felony Animal Abuse" for the shooting death of Gage on 3/12/08. He will be sentenced in September.
Quote from his Mom's myspace page;

Guilty, Wow what a day

He was found Guilty as most of ya'll know (thank you, Sherry)
This was the longest week of my life and when they read the verdic that he was guilty and proved that he murdered my Gage with out cause, I was happy but yet overwhelmed with emotions, it was like I have been holding my breath for 5months and that was the first breath I have taking since. The court was full of lawyers and DA's and defence attorneys and court clerks. I was really surprised how many people came to see the results and this was the biggest thing happening in our court house in a while and everyone was waiting to see the out come and they all agreed that this case will make a difference for the future cases. This is the ONLY trail ever like this here. Mr.
Stanfill CAN"T say Gage was vicious and the only monster in this story was Stanfill
I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, for all thier support for this 5 long months. I will sit down and try to write out all the details as best as I can tonight are tommorrow.

I could not have went threw this with out each and everyone one of you. Now that justice has been served and Gages name has been cleared from any wrong doing that was untruthfully placed on him. He is free to fly.. Spread your wings baby and you know you will always be my angel. And we will honor your name until my death, and join you. But until then we will save and help as many as we can in your name. As of today we are the GAGE FOUNDATION..........

And a Poem written by defendabull on PBF
Gage's poem

i keep hearing rest,
but i want to play...
it's sunny just now,
i wanted to stay.

i am a sweet whisper
on evening's wind.
i'm a thousand candles
that dance then descend...
into open hearts,
that remember me when...
i danced in your arms,
i will dance there again

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Marian Antoinette T. 9/24/40 - 8/28/05

Three years ago today, at 4:30 am, I got the call. The call you dread - the call, that as a child, the thought of the event keeps you up at night. The call that makes you go numb, that turns your stomach over, that gives you cotton mouth, that makes you pace constantly, the call - that in a split second your life is forever changed.

I was sleeping when the call came. It was the second time the phone was ringing - the first I ignored. I heard my brother say, "Mom's not breathing". "What?" I asked. He repeats himself....I yell again, "WHAT???" Then I hear him speaking to someone "Has she passed?". "Yes", the unknown person replies.

BOOM!!!!!!!!! You never forget that moment. You replay it over and over again thinking it's a bad dream - or maybe you think if you keep repeating it the news it will someone sink in.

The next days , the next weeks are a blur - but certain memories from that time are forever imprinted in your mind You can recall and picture them as if it was just yesterday.

I spoke with my Mom every day - sometimes more than once. Sometimes the calls lasted a while and sometimes they were just short. They ranged from in depth conversations to just asking if you watched a certain TV show. To go from talking all the time - to well - nothing......

I heard someone share a story at a meeting recently. A man lost his wife and was talking about life without her. He said "The only thing that did not change, was my sobriety date." I could relate.

I wish I had more photos of my Mom. She hated her photo taken because of her weight. She didn't believe she was pretty or beautiful enough for the photo. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She was the most beautiful woman I knew. The kindness, humility, and her unselfish giving to all made her beautiful. No, she wasn't perfect, but she had a good, kind, loving heart - something she tried to share will all she met.

I will admit - today is a hard day for me - in fact the last few days have been. Could of, would of, should of , still kicks my @ss when it comes to the time before she passed away. I try not to stay there, but well I am human. I wish for one more hug, one more I love you, one more vote of confidence from her, one more talk, one more touch of her hand or to touch her arm again, one more smile on her face when I arrived in town, one more ____ (just fill in the blank). But one more would never be enough - would it?

I sometimes look at the below photo - as it looks as if she is looking right at me. I try to look back at her - in the eyes, and say all the things I want to tell her - all the things I wish she could hear, all the things I need to share.I cry as I right this - tears of sadness. But I must remember the tears I shed are a representation of the love and all the memories I have.

I don't know what I believe about death or the afterlife anymore. But if there is any chance her spirit is somewhere - anyway she can hear or see me,
I miss you much Mom and I love you.. Please come visit me in my dreams...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WW - Jake at Course A' Lure

Thanks to Cyndi and Bob for the photo :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kristin and Justin's Wedding

My friend got married Saturday evening at the Cottonwood Club.

Everything was gorgeous! They were married outside, under shade trees. During the reception, you could sit inside or outside.

She did such a great job organizing and decorating.

It was so good to see so many of my friends. People came from far and wide to attend.

Here are some photos - remember I am NOT a professional photographer - lol

Before the wedding

Patiently waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Groom awaiting his BrideExchange of vows

Father Daughter Dance - The song was "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac (MUCH better than the Dixie Chic version). The song, and seeing the two of them dance, brought tears to my eyes.

Some of us "sisters" hanging out. Later the photographer took a photo of all the "sisters" and our generations. i was unable to get that on my camera - mostly because my friend, who had my camera, was focusing on "something" else - LOL

The couple left yesterday on a two week road trip. They are riding their Harley up to Portland, and then down the 101 in California.

We wish you much love and happiness!

Skid boots

Jake's Skid boots arrived. We purchased the boots from Z control Skid Boots.

Jake isn't skidding, per say, but he was bending his wrist at the box the last tournament. But that may have something to do with the box we were using; as it had a different slope than our regular box. So, maybe we really don't need them, but it might help protect his pad and dewclaw.

She actually carried, for a limited time, our flyball team color.

I put them on, and he was walking so funny! It will take him some time to get use to wearing them.

Isn't he too cute?! He looks pretty good in green doesn't he - lol.

Words can not express how much I love this dog! I just look at his photos and smile.

Draper Fire

Draper Fire as seen from my street.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Animal Witness - DId you watch?

See my original post here.

I watched. Here are my thoughts;
I liked the second half better than the first half.

I closed my eyes during the fighting parts which imho they went a little far with, but I guess it needed to be shown. I cried when the one dog was whimpering and crying in the ring.
My complaint is that they interviewed people from PETA and HSUS - when in the beginning they wanted, especially PETA, for the dogs to be destroyed. PETA no like pitties - but changed their mind really fast didn't they?

I loved that they had Tim and Donna from BAD RAP on. Her closing words saying "pit bull are our teachers" made me cry.

She also said that PB want to please their owners - that is what I have found with my Maddie. She just loves to work. And she is starting to offer behaviors that get her rewarded.

I did not know that the lead detective had to go above Surrey county DA Poindexter. He was sure turning a blind eye wasn't he. Then the lead detective got canned - I felt bad for him. SO glad he went federal....If he did not the investigation would have stalled..

But, I did not understand why the lead detective said he did not think MV should be tried at the state level.

One other thing, I LOVED how the woman from ASPCA said she was sad after the MV talk, after he pleaded guilty, She said not once did he apologize for the violence he put the dogs thru or sorry for hurting the dogs.

Oh yea...

I have a break stick and a treadmill....Do I participate in dog fighting?

I wish they would have explained that just because a home has a break stick - doesn't mean that there is dogfighting present...

Miss Maddie even watched part of it. I originally kept her out of the room because she usually barks at the TV when a dog was on.
Well, I sat on the floor with her and stroked her as we watched. She did not bark or lunge at the tv. But she watched very intently and kept checking in with me via her eyes.

Overall well done - again loved the second half more than the first.

If you watched, please comment your thoughts and feelings.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gage's trial

To read about Gage, see this post on my blog.

The trial starts Monday.

Paws are crossed that Mr. Stanfill receives the maximum penalty for this horrific act of animal cruelty.
Prayers are said that Gage's family can find some peace.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Animal Planets 'Witness' Show - On Michael Vick Case

Sunday, 8/24 at 10 pm (thinking ET) Animal Witness; the Michael Vick Case will be on Animal Planet. According to AP website, " for the first time go inside the investigation".

There has been much talk on PBF and PBC about this show.

BAD RAP Blog has a review up; the have the good, the bad, and the ugly on the show.

I will watch and judge for myself.

How about you? If you watch the show, please come back and post your comments and thoughts.

Miss Maddie says"We are going to set our DVR!"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Wireless Company

I have my cell phone thru Qwest. I just found out that all their wireless cell phone business, including contracts, have been purchased by Verizon.

I don't want to use Verizon. Why not, you ask?

Check out this post.

The ad was eventually pulled.

What to do.... What to do.....

Guess I have till October to decide.

Got sunflowers?

If you look at my "project" post you will see the sunflowers were as tall as the bottom of the porch railing.

Check out how tall they are now!

And, now we have two actual blooms!

Look at all the heads we have ready to bloom.

We also have some visitors to the sunflowers. I thought they were bees and extremely happy - as bees are in trouble and they help pollinate the flowers.

But my neighbor told me they were actually paper wasps. They will still pollinate, but they scare the crap out of me! On Saturday, we did find the nest and our neighbor sprayed it. But there must be another one close by.

Backpack Fun!

The dogs new backpack arrived yesterday. And this time I purchased green - ;)

I tried it on both Jake and Maddie.

Needless to say, Jake let me put it on and kept it on without a fight. But he did not look too happy.

Miss Maddie?
Whole different story...I will let the photos speak for themselves

So , this morning I tried with Miss Maddie again on our walk. I put her regular gear on and then the back pack. I clicked and treated the whole time. I also put a .5 L water bottle on each side.
Guess what?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Morning Exercise

I was so proud of myself this morning!

I actually exercised with the dogs before work. It felt pretty darn good.

I took Maddie out and did some training with her. We also did some jump work and wall work. No words can explain how much this girl LOVES her tug!

I did some wall work with Jake. Then I took both Jake and Zoe out to Rollerblade. I was short on time and did both at the same time. NEVER AGAIN - LOL . Zoe just wanted to play with Jake the whole time. In addition, the speed we usually blade at was much slower.

Sometimes that is the hardest part; to get back to exercise. I can think about it all I want, but it doesn't mean squat until I actually take the action. And oh boy did it feel good!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Maddie and I

Maddie and I met My Spoiled Dog for coffee yesterday. I usually do not bring a dog, but thought since we sit outside I would bring Maddie.

MSD was kind enough to take some shots of Maddie and I together. I was so grateful. I am usually taking the photos, so I don't have any of Maddie and I.

Here we are!

I really love the below shot. Maddie was smothering me with her bully kisses. I just love it when she kisses her Mommy!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

So you wanna breed your dog?

Someone posted this on PBF - actually it has been posted a few times.
It is usually posted in response to some newbie wanting to breed their dog...
I know it is hard to read but if you click on the photo you can read it better :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Dog/Cat Food

Shhh don't tell the DH.

I have been feeding the dogs RAW again - well just Jake and Zoe . I am only feeding it every other day and just giving them chicken quarters. It really helped Jake and his stress runs last weekend during the tournament.

Zoe's usual food in Low Fat Innova - 1 1/2 cups. And I tell you what, I have been doing really well keeping her weight down. But when I came home on Monday - she looked like porkey the pig! The DH ( and the D doesn't stand for dear) must have given her SO much human food while I was gone. He does that. He lets the dogs finish his food. UGGG. Not me. I just can't do it. So they beg at him and not at me.

Jake gets Evo (1 1/3 cup) with canned Innova. I try and keep him on the "trim" side during flyball season. Don't know how much good it does. I figure it will help his joints etc if he is a little thin.

Maddie is on Nature's Logic. I really like this food and its the only one that she really does well on. We started her on it after she was diagnosed with EPI/SIBO.

They all get additives to their dinner. Zoe gets Chondro Care for her arthritis, Vitamin E and some Salmon Oil. I also give her Vitamin C crystals
Jake gets probiotics with enzymes, Joint Formula, Vitamin E, Salmon Oil, CoQ10, Hyluronic Acid, and Vertex (two - three weeks before tournament).
Maddie gets joint formula, probiotics, Vitamin E, and Salmon Oil

Good thing I work for a vitamin company isn't it? I would be BROKE! In fact they take more supplements than I do - lol
The cats are currently eating California Natural. They also get canned food every other day - Holisetic Select. We did the Nature's Logic but it was TOO expensive. . But now the CN is becoming a little pricey. So time to switch again :(

Choosing dog/cat food is a hard decision. There are so many choices out there. It really becomes overwhelming....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dog back pack

I purchased a Ruff Wear backpack for the dogs last night. It was kind of expensive - $80.00

I searched online this morning and found an Outward Hound backpack for only $20.00 . So I ordered that and will return the Ruff Wear.

Why a backpack? Well, I think it will help the dogs build endurance on our walks. I can put some water bottles in the pack. And it might tire them out easier - mostly for Miss Maddie - lol

Jake needs to build his endurance. Last year I was able to get up at 5 and Rollerblade with the dogs (one at a time). This year I just can't get up that early. So, I am slacking and it is showing up in my dogs performance.

So, as soon as I get it I will show photos.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back from Bishop

I am so tired! It's hard to get back into the swing of things after a tournament. Still on that adrenalin rush.

I averaged about 24.9 mpg for the trip in the new ride - at one point I got 28 mpg!.. Not great but not awful either.

We had lots of fun. We met lots of cool people and I so enjoyed running and hanging with the gals from Stampede. I learned a lot! We also ran with Trevor and a dog from TNG. I spent time helping Iron Dog Flyers and Catchers on the Fly. Both teams helped us too, as did people from Vegas Velocity and a woman from Lickety Splits spotted passes when she could. We were short handed, but everyone is so willing to help each other out. I so enjoy helping out other teams and watching/getting to know their dogs. I also enjoy getting to meet and have conversations with different people. Still, I missed my team mates and their dogs very much!

One of the dogs from Catchers on the Fly was so much fun to watch. Indy is a cattle dog and the start dog. Before he runs, he does a twirl and then goes down the lane. It is so darn cute!!!
They just adopted a Pit bull from "It's the Pit's" rescue. Her name is America and she is a Mini-Maddie! Same coloring with split face but the size of a staffie - maybe a little taller. I so wish I had a photo...This was her first tournament and she did pretty well on most of her runs.

We did pretty well for a pick up team....Well their dogs did pretty well - Jake averaged about a 4.85 in the line up at 9 inches on Saturday - he ran lots of 4.7 but had bobbles which brought his average down.On singles on Saturday, his clean runs (non earlies) he averaged a 4.497. On Sunday, he did not do as well. In singles clean runs he averaged 4.685. On the team he averaged (poor tired boy) 4.985. Lots of bobbles on Sunday...

I sure wish I knew how to get him as fast on a team as he is in singles. I guess I need to ask and ponder on how we can do that.

Overall, I had a great time and am glad I went. Next tournament is in September in St George. can't wait!

Oh yea, he also earned his TFE-I (top flight executive level 1) title

And on a final note. Jake is now the 5th fastest lab in U-FLI singles for his breed! Saturday, he ran a 4.305, .015 start. I was so excited for him. Way to go Jakie!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Justice for Gage

Many may not know this story...It is awful. I cry every time.

If you have time, go to this site and read Gage's story..

Petition for Justice for Gage. Signature goal is 10000 We are at 9811


PS I am off to Bishop CA for a flyball tournament .

Keep paws and fingers crossed all goes well!
we also get to see Bear, the fastest lab in U-FLI, run.

Till Tuesday - have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Peaches was adopted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you follow my blog, which I think maybe 2 people do - lol, you might remember my post about Peaches

Peaches has found a home! I am crying!

Denise with Behave! ( met Peaches today and TOOK HER HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Denise trains drug dogs and really loved Peaches drive.

I don't know why this girl touched me so much. Maybe it was the potential she had, maybe it was the reason she was given up, maybe it was b/c she was a cold APBT and i would hate to see her PTS with so much talent - I just don't know.

What I think is that it was her potential and she was good with other dogs. Miss Maddie has potential but she is so hot when it comes to other dogs. I think of what a sheltered life Maddie lives...Don't get me wrong - Maddie has a good life, but she is so limited in the activities she can do - she can't do flyball, Course a Lure, no Tanner or other dog activites. I sometimes wonder if she would be better with someone else - someone who can help her with her DA - but I have to remember DA can be managed not cured....So, in my mind I am always comparing Maddie to other APBT and wishing she was like the cold dogs. I know that isn't right of me - I should accept Maddie as she is but I still do it because I am just messed up in my head like that. OK That was totally OT

Back to Peaches

This news totally made my day. This news has totally turned my mood around. OT again - LOL I was a little down this morning and beating myself up. I don't eat fast food often but I was so tempted to stop at Del Taco and get myself deluxe chili cheese fries last night!!!!! When I am upset I eat... Jake's box turns were awful last night - he walks off the box - no snapping and that is my fault - I made the ball his reward so he has nothing to run back to.

Thanks again Ellena at PNWPBR for fighting for Peaches. Ellena is truly an PB angel!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WW (yes another becuase it made me lol)


Two photos -
Inside of the house during building stage

Photo of the front of the house right after we moved in.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


A friend of many passed away Saturday.

Jim and his wife Mary were some of the first people I met in Salt lake City when i moved here in 98. He was always so kind and always helped those that needed help. I spent many Monday evenings with them. Jim, Mary, Kristin and I all had Birthday's (Friend of Bill W b'days) in September and we celebrated together many times. It was such an honor to share my birthday with Jim and Mary. He always had a big hug and a great chuckle. When he spoke, he was a man who told the truth and kept is simple. He understood "the language of the heart" and it was from there he spoke. Many times, as he expressed his gratitude to his HP and the program, tears would form and start rolling down his cheek.

After Mary retired, I did not see them much as they were snowbirds and traveled down south. But the ALWAYS came back to celebrate their birthday with us on Mondays.

Thank you Jim for welcoming me to SLC, to the Monday group, and for sharing the "language of the heart" with us.

RIP you will be missed. Enjoy the "big meeting" in the sky.


Maddie still ill

Even with the fasting and a little hamburger she still has the runs. there was a little blood in it this morning, but with her straining that is normal.

I gave her some more puppy pepto with pedialite, rice, chicken broth, and some hamburger this morning. She wouldn't eat it...So I hand fed her and she picked out the hamburger....I think she is sick of the puppy pepto and I know she doesn't like the rice.

I have been using liver as treats for her - she is probably getting more than she should - wonder if that is causing it...

So, I called the evil vet office to see if I could pick up some Metronidazole for her without having to bring her in. I really don't want to bring her in. They called back and said I can pick some up.

She was playing her normal zoomies with Zoe this morning, so she must be feeling well. But it was weird, last night and this morning, she kept following me around like a shadow. Usually the girls don't give a rat's butt about where I am (unless they hear the keys). But as I said last night and this morning, she was glued to my hip.

I am bummed that she is ill because I don't like it when they don't feel well. Plus, I have her on a new training schedule to learn some new "moves". I really want to work with her but I don't feel comfortable pushing her when she isn't feeling well....

Oh well, it will pass....Hopefully the metronidazole will help.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Miss Maddie isn't feeling well

Poor Maddie.

She had the runs yesterday...

I gave her some medicine (doggie pepto) with some yogurt. I am fasting her for 24 hours to see if that helps.

I don't like it when she is sick - makes me sad. She just likes to curl up in her crate and sleep and looks so sad....

Hopefully, it will pass soon. Guess boiled hamburger and rice for the next few days. Jake and Zoe will be jealous!

Friday, August 1, 2008


So, here are some photos of the projects we, or should I say Billy, completed so far this summer.

First, he built two flower boxes out front. He first put up cinder blocks. He then purchased brick to match the house and covered up the cinder blocks with the brick. He did such a great job (for a plumber) LOL

I filled the box by the porch with a butterfly bush, lilac bushes, wave petunias , and sunflowers. Lilacs were Mom's favorite so I wanted to put some in the yard. Wave petunias remind me of home, as my dad fills his yard and pots with these. And the sunflowers - well those are my favorite flowers, along with gerber daisies. I love watching the sunflowers grow from seeds. I grew the mammoth sunflowers at our old house and gave the heads to Kay and Barbara to feed their birds. The sunflowers in the photo will be red and dark orange and bloom in fall. Once bloomed and the flower petals die, we will take the heads, dry them out, and let the birds feed. I will take some to Kay and Barbara too.

This smaller flower box, below, just has a pine tree in it. Billy really wants a "Christmas tree" to put lights on. It will only grow about 6 feet tall. In the fall, I will plant tulips around the tree - at least that is what Billy would like me to do. So, I think I will do that.By the fence line, we put in lilac bushes and snowball bushes.

The last project he completed, was a deck in back. He did trade work for the material. It isn't actually wood. It's called Trex
So, he received the material free and built the deck and stairs.
He is pretty handy isn't he? ( I just noticed Maddie is standing at the back door looking out - guess the post wouldn't be a post without a dog in the photo :) )

Now, if we could just put grass int he yard our summer project will be complete!